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  • Let trusted and proven professionals solve your WSIB claims concerns. Save WSIB costs. Prevent WSIB stress. Minimize decision delays. Understand your claims risks. Give your company the competitive edge. Contact AccidentsMatter and focus on your business while we focus on your claims.


Focus on your business while we focus on your claims

AccidentsMatter has grown to be one of the top workers compensation consultants in the Ontario workplace safety system.

Since 2002, AccidentsMatter has been helping employers save money on their present and future Workplace Safety and Insurance Board claims costs by implementing sound processes and innovative claims management strategies.

Tough but fair, AccidentsMatter has grown to be highly respected in the Ontario workplace safety and insurance system. They bring decades of combined WCB and WSIB experience to the table.

From representing employers at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT), to managing day to day WSIB requirements, to auditing accident cost statements, the WSIB claims consultants at AccidentsMatter offer a complete workers' compensation claims management package for Ontario employers.

Find out how the licensed paralegals at AccidentsMatter can help your business, or contact AccidentsMatter today for a consultation.